Sarah's Hospitality Story


Sarah has always been passionate about working in the hospitality industry. She was excited for every vacation she went on with her family because it would mean that they would be staying in a hotel or vacation rental. These vacations inspired her love for traveling and home away from home experiences. 

Her passion for travel has led her to experience different types of accommodation across the world. Some of her favorite locations to visit were Australia, Greece, Italy, France, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania and various places in the United States & Canada.

Sarah took her first step pursuing her dream of working in the hospitality industry by moving to Alberta. She started as a front desk agent for a quaint inn. She trained extensively with the front desk manager who later promoted her to assistant manager the following year. While working as the assistant manager she learned how to take care of all aspects needed to run a successful hotel. Which included managing all guest related tasks, organizing housekeeping schedules, completing simple maintenance tasks as well as managing a small team. She was promoted to manager after her second year. 

3 years later, Sarah was offered a position at a 5-star resort in Canmore, Alberta. At this resort she had extensive training with the most fantastic hospitality mentors. Her mentors inspired her to become the absolute best in the industry. She reflected this when she helped bring  the property rating reviews on TripAdvisor to 5 Stars. The resort later won the TripAdvisor Excellence award and Family Travel Award. 

Sarah decided to start Beyond BNB Management because of the Sunshine Coast tourism boom. She decided that she would like to provide the same level of service that she implemented in Canmore, to the guests that visit the Sunshine Coast. She believed doing so would generate returning guests and  positive reviews would spike interest in new comers. Sarah discovered vacation rental management was not being offered on the Sunshine Coast. There are over 200 vacation rentals available on the Sunshine Coast and limited hotels. By managing all aspects of vacation rental properties, owners regain their free time and still run a successful business without all the hard work.

Jacqueline's Hospitality Story


Jacqueline's story: Jacqueline left Calgary three years ago to enjoy a less hectic life away from the city. She is an avid traveler and was looking for a calm paradise, and she found it on the Sunshine Coast.

After working for 15 years in real estate in Calgary and also working as a hairstylist, she was looking for a change. In Sechelt, she was working in her trade as a hairstylist and cosmetologist, and considering a return to real estate when she met Sarah in a small business program. Sarah was looking for someone with experience to expand Beyond BnB Management into Sechelt and Madeira Park. 

Jacqueline brings considerable knowledge of the real estate industry to Beyond BnB Management. She has broad knowledge of house listing, renovation, staging and selling. She knows how to make a listing attractive. In addition, she has experience in photography, design and planning, from her graduate work in the Faculty of Environmental Design, at the University of Calgary. Her work as a hairstylist gives her an extensive background in customer service, as well as a flair for design and an artistic eye.